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Logistics & Environment

Latest news: first pile driven Logistics & Environment

The Logistics & Environment department facilitates the procurement, storage and distribution of laboratory supplies, chemicals and gases used by the various laboratories at TU Delft. The department is moving to a new building a little further on, in the southern part of the campus on Heertjeslaan. The development of the new Logistics & Environment building is part of the area development on TU Delft Campus South. This area provides the university with room for realising the plans described in the TU Delft Campus Strategy.

Vibration-free ground

The site of the current Logistics & Environment building on Anthony Fokkerweg will be used for the new Physics building. The new Physics building is to replace the accommodation for the departments of the Faculty of Applied Sciences that are currently housed in Building 22. The most suitable location for the new Physics building turned out to be the present location of Logistics & Environment, as this is the most vibration-free ground on the TU Delft Campus, which is very important to the vibration-sensitive research conducted at Applied Sciences.

Open and green character

Where logistics centres are often ‘hidden away’ in ‘square boxes’ behind high fences, the new Logistics & Environment building will have an open and green character. The bar has been set high for sustainability. In addition to the well-being of the staff and minimising the carbon footprint, circularity plays an important role. Not only with regard to the design and build, but also circular management and maintenance. The goal is to maximise the useful life of the buildings, products and materials. At the end of the useful life, products and materials are suitable for high-quality reuse.


  • Start of design – Q1 2021
  • Start of execution – Q1 2023
  • Completion – Q1 2024
  • In use – Q2 2024