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At TU Delft Campus we are building a world top tech ecosystem for a better society. We believe that multi-party collaborations are key in solving our societal challenges. We create a vibrant ecosystem and, above all, an open community where radical and complex innovations are developed.

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Innovation through co-creation

We believe in the power of innovation through co-creation. To solve the global challenges, we need technological innovations that are complex, multidisciplinary, time consuming, capital intensive and potentially disruptive. With TU Delft Campus we develop a vibrant ecosystem with various partners willing to invest, collaborate, create and innovate. It is much more than just a place. It’s a mindset, driven by people who share our vision that only together we can achieve radical innovation and create impact for a better society. Read more about how we collaborate, connect, co-create and realise impact together.




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TU Delft Campus invests in bringing the brightest minds and entrepreneurial spirits together and enthuses them to co-create and innovate. It is our goal to build and facilitate a co-creation community that represents the next level of innovation pioneers. Want to join our community?

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