Our society is facing complex challenges

Today’s society is in need for answers to solve the complex challenges we are facing. But no business, start-up, research institute or government can develop these radical innovations on its own. That is why now, more than ever, we need to connect and collaborate to accelerate innovation.

Meet our pioneers & changemakers

Pioneering for change

The TU Delft Campus ecosystem consists of true innovators, pioneers and changemakers. We believe together we have the capability to develop groundbreaking technologies with a profound impact on people’s lives and society. At TU Delft Campus we strengthen, empower and activate this network into a true innovation ecosystem. A community pioneering for change.

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We believe in the power of collaboration

TU Delft Campus is powered by a worldwide top tech university, a high density of fieldlabs and a strong entrepreneurial spirit proven by the various startup communities spanning over 200 companies. TU Delft Campus is the international breeding ground for radical innovations, shaping the future of Robotics, AI, Quantum, MedTech and Energy Transition.


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TU Delft Campus invests in bringing the brightest minds and entrepreneurial spirits together and enthuses them to co-create and innovate. It is our goal to build and facilitate a co-creation community that represents the next level of innovation pioneers. Want to join our community?

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