Innovate together

We believe we need new answers to global challenges. These challenges transcend borders and defy boundaries. Solving them requires complex technological innovations that no party can develop in isolation. We invite you to innovate together.

The biggest challenge of our time: The ever-increasing pace of innovation

The speed of innovation has become essential to compete in a worldwide market. We believe that multi-party collaborations are key in accelerating innovation. We invite businesses to join our community and collaborate with the TU Delft and parties in our TU Delft Campus ecosystem. We offer strategic collaborations that accelerate innovation, inspire and spark entrepreneurship. This is your chance to innovate together.

Technological research and innovation challenges

Multi-party collaborations are essential for dealing with complex technological developments and to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our Business Partnerships team is the gateway to the TU Delft and TU Delft Campus ecosystem. We close the gap between academics and corporations with ambition by creating strategic partnerships. Together with experts we evaluate your industry and develop tailored research and innovation projects that fit your strategic agenda. We connect these challenges to our extensive network of academics, students, entrepreneurs and corporates. Find out more about our business partnerships. Find out more about our business partnerships.

Innovation clusters and Field labs: real life testing sites

What sets TU Delft Campus apart are the various innovation clusters and field labs. They are hotspots for co-innovation and bring together researchers, students, entrepreneurs and companies to accelerate innovation. Our field labs are real life testing sites where companies and knowledge institutions collaborate to develop, test, learn to implement and scale-up new technologies for commercial applications. The high density of field labs and innovation clusters is what sets TU Delft Campus apart within the international research landscape. Are you an SME who wants to be at the frontier of innovation. Find out more. Get in touch with our field labs to collaborate.

Incubator and start-up communities

Collaborations with start-ups can form an important part of your innovation strategy. You can benefit from collaborating with our start-up communities by sourcing the latest technologies, finding new business models and to build a culture of entrepreneurship.

YES!Delft is a leading tech incubator in Europe with a strong start-up community and tailored programmes for start-ups. The incubator is home to a large number of innovative high-tech startups and has produced over 200 young companies since its inception. Immerse yourself in YES!Delft’s startup culture. Meet tomorrow’s leading firms, establish collaborations with innovative startups and revitalize your company’s entrepreneurial spirit. Read more about their programs.

In addition to our incubator, TU Delft Campus offers various start-up communities with start-ups linked to specific domains: Robovalley, the Aerospace Innovation Hub and Quantum Delft.