Innovation clusters and fieldlabs

What sets TU Delft Campus apart are the various innovation clusters and field labs around specific themes. These public-private testing grounds are hotspots for co-creation and speed up innovation.

Field labs are real life testing sites where various parties collaborate to develop, test, learn to implement and scale-up new technologies for commercial applications. Our fieldlabs and innovation clusters bring together researchers, students, entrepreneurs and companies and enable them to accelerate innovation. Thanks to the close involvement of researchers, the industry, government agencies and end-users, these innovations can be brought to society faster.

Are you interested in participating in one of our innovation clusters or field labs? Find out more below.

A selection of TU Delft Field labs



Digicampus connects the fragmented innovation landscape, so that science, government, market parties and citizens can jointly shape the public services of the future. This unique partnership is established by Delft University of Technology, Logius, ICTU and the Nederland ICT.


Digital Factory for Composites

Open and cross-sectoral innovation in the business of Digital Manufacturing and composite.


Delft on Internet of Things (Do IoT)

Gateway to 5G+ IoT Research & Education at TU Delft for academic and industrial partners.


Floodproof Holland

Floodproof Holland works on temporary flood defences and dike sensors. The Floodproof Holland Fieldlab is part of the Valorisation Programme Delta Technology & Water (VPdelta).


Polder Roof

Research and test facility for water management and climate adaptation in urban areas. The Polder Roof is part of the Valorisation Programme Delta Technology & Water (VPdelta).


Researchlab Autonomous Shipping Delft (RASD)

An outdoor space for autonomous shipping experiments that brings together everyone involved in the autonomous shipping industry.



QuTech aims to develop scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and an inherently safe quantum internet, based on the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics. To achieve these ambitious goals, they bring together scientists, engineers and industry in an inspiring environment.



RoboHouse is RoboValley’s Smart Industry Fieldlab where innovative organisations and individuals can discover the possibilities cognitive robotics offer, develop their own applications and test them in an industrial setting.


Rotterdam the Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA)

Rotterdam the Hague Innovation Airport is an international testing ground for sustainable innovations in the aviation sector. Read up on the field lab on their website.


Proeftuin op de Noordzee

Testing of new products and applications for the maritime sector.


Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL

Automated manufacture of large-size lightweight composite parts for aircraft, wind turbine blades, spacecraft and maritime applications.


The Green Village

Solving the world’s largest challenges requires radically new connections. The Green Village’s goal is to accelerate the development and implementation of these radical innovations. We do this by bringing together everyone who needs to be involved – scientists and engineers, businesses, the public, and government – at an inspiring place where innovations can be developed, tested and demonstrated by these partners. In an experimental real-life setting, a true living lab at Delft University of Technology that is open to anyone, including you.


Ultra Personalised Products and Services

Within the Fieldlab UPPS it is possible to collect 3D data and subject it to extensive analyses, to study parametric design techniques and flexible production techniques and ultimately also to evaluate the ultra-personalized products and processes in a lab setting. To discover what the next step can be for a new generation of personalized products, companies and professionals can get advice on personalized designs and explanations about what it all involves.


Unmanned Valley Valkenburg

Unmanned Valley is a field lab for sensor-based technologies located at the former Valkenburg naval air base in Katwijk. In the fast growing industry of drone and related technologies, Unmanned Valley offers indoor and outdoor facilities for companies and knowledge institutes to develop, test and implement new sensor-based solutions.


Virtual Reality Design Methods Lab

At the Virtual Reality Design Methods Lab, virtual reality is used for designing, modifying, and re-using new and existing buildings, city districts and landscapes. VRDML offers the necessary space, equipment and staff support for selected enterprises in the architectural services industry to get acquainted with VR and AR as new technologies. It enables them to co-develop together with TU Delft staff new applications that will increase their competitiveness.


Mobility Innovation Centre Delft (MICD)

The Mobility Innovation Centre Delft (MICD) stimulates innovation in mobility. We accomplish this by encouraging collaboration between various parties such as government, science and industry, and by being a living lab where innovations can be tested, evaluated and further developed.

TU Delft fieldlab overview