Innovation clusters and field labs

What sets TU Delft Campus apart are the various innovation clusters and field labs around specific themes. These public-private testing grounds are hotspots for co-creation and speed up innovation.

Field labs are real life testing sites where various parties collaborate to develop, test, learn to implement and scale-up new technologies for commercial applications. Our field labs and innovation clusters bring together researchers, students, entrepreneurs and companies and enable them to accelerate innovation. Thanks to the close involvement of researchers, the industry, government agencies and end-users, these innovations can be brought to society faster.

Are you interested in participating in one of our innovation clusters or field labs? Find out more below.

A selection of TU Delft Campus field labs and innovation clusters

Delft on Internet of Things (DoIoT)

Gateway to 5G+ IoT Research & Education at TU Delft for academic and industrial partners.

Floodproof Holland

Floodproof Holland works on temporary flood defences and dike sensors. The Floodproof Holland Field lab is part of the Valorisation Programme Delta Technology & Water (VPdelta).

Diergaarde Blijdorp

Diergaarde Blijdorp is a special field lab within the innovation programme VPdelta+ where research, entrepreneurship and education for climate adaptation come together. In the zoo various water saving, flood preventing and water filter solutions can be implemented and demonstrated to the public at the same time.

Mobility Innovation Centre Delft (MICD)

MICD stimulates innovation in mobility. We accomplish this by encouraging collaboration between various parties such as government, science and industry, and by being a living lab where innovations can be tested, evaluated and further developed.

Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL

SAM XL is a manufacturing automation expertise centre that forms a unique liaison between TU Delft faculties, the industry and suppliers.



RoboHouse is a future of work field lab where robot developments and the study of social processes can occur simultaneously.

Proeftuin op

de Noordzee

This field lab is situated off the North Sea coast of the Hague. Proeftuin op de Noordzee focusses on testing of new products and applications for the maritime sector.

Airport Technology Lab

Part of innovation programme RHIA, is a field lab where innovative products and services for airports can be developed, tested and demonstrated. The most successful innovations will support travelers with more comfort and ease, airliners are expected to increase their flexibility and more efficient flights, and handlers can optimize their processes.

Field lab Next Aviation

At the Field lab Next Aviation, which is part of innovation programme RHIA, it is possible to develop and test under real circumstances since the lab is located on the airfield. Here, companies and knowledge institutes can collaborate to innovate parts, services and systems for flying electric or on hydrogen.

The Green Village

The Green Village’s goal is to accelerate the development and implementation of radical innovations, bringing together  scientists, engineers, businesses, the public, and governments – at an inspiring place.

Unmanned Valley Valkenburg

Unmanned Valley is a field lab for sensor-based technologies located at the former Valkenburg naval air base in Katwijk. In the fast growing industry of drone and related technologies, Unmanned Valley offers indoor and outdoor facilities for companies and knowledge institutes to develop, test and implement new sensor-based solutions.

Marineterrein Amsterdam (AMS Institute)

Marineterrein Amsterdam is a test area and urban district for learning, working and living in a liveable city in which AMS Institute participates. This special and flexible approach is gradually developing the field lab into an urban district with space for open innovation, special forms of housing, sports, recreation and greenery. The impact of what we do here is noticeable in the city, in the country and in the world.

Mondai House of AI

Mondai is the centre of excellence that the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) has established in order to connect and enable all stakeholders in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Mondai contributes to smart AI collaborations and partnerships.

Hortus Botanicus

The Hortus is an experimental field lab where nature based innovations can be tested, evaluated, and showcased to the general public at the same time. We have tropical and sub-tropical glasshouses, a water garden, herb garden, and arboretum.

Quantum Delft

Quantum Delft is a unique ecosystem that has been decades in the making: a hotspot for excellent scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who rigorously lead the way in quantum technology.

TU Delft field lab overview

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