TU Delft
Startup Vouchers

The TU Delft Startup Voucher programme gives entrepreneurial minded TU Delft students the opportunity to cover the first costs in developing a great idea and for example develop a prototype.

TU Delft Startup Voucher Programme

Do you have an innovative idea and want to kick-start your own company? Do you need funding to build a prototype and coaching in the process of developing your own business? This is made possible through the below three Startup Vouchers.

The DE Startup Voucher (Delft Enterprises) is a general one to cover the first costs of developing an innovative idea into a business proposition (you can also apply for this one if you have applied or apply for one of the other two theme related vouchers). The Aerospace Startup Voucher is meant for new technologies related to aerospace engineering and the BK-Launch Startup Voucher for turning ideas into business within the Built Environment.

DE Startup Voucher

Aerospace Startup Voucher

BK-Launch Startup Voucher