Accessibility & Parking

TU Delft Campus is well accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. You can easily walk or bicycle (rental bicycle) to your destination from the centrally located parking areas and bus stops. Building numbers are used to help you find your way around the campus.

The easiest way to find your destination is to remember both the address and the building number of where you need to be. You can find this information on the map below.


TU Delft Campus has an extensive network of cycle paths and several bicycle parking areas. Bicycle repair points can also be found across the campus to enable you to do minor repairs yourself.

Public transport

There are several buses running from Delft railway station to TU Delft campus. There are bus stops all over the campus. For specific information about your location, search for your destination in the interactive map above and then consult the travel planner. PLEASE NOTE: Due to construction work on the TU Delft tram/bus lane, there are temporarily no buses running at various stops around the campus. For more information, see

By car

TU Delft Campus is easy to reach by car via the A13 motorway: take exit 10 Delft Zuid/TU-wijk. Search beforehand for the building you are visiting and for that building’s specific parking information.

TU Delft parking locations

You will find six major parking locations with barriers along the campus ring road, all open 24/7.  Click on the addresses of the parking locations below to plan your route. From your parking location, you will easily be able to reach your destination on foot or by bicycle. For operational and other questions about parking:

Available parking spaces:

Select a parking location below to see more details.

Van der Waalsweg, Delft
Van den Broekweg, Delft
Van der Maasweg 11, Delft
Kluyverweg 1, Delft
Cornelis Drebbelweg 1, Delft
Zuidplantsoen, Delft

Parking for campus visitors
Visitors to the campus can use the central parking area along the campus ring 24/7. There is paid parking for visitors on Monday to Friday from 8 am until 6 pm. The first 30 minutes are free of charge. The access control system (barriers) will stay operational outside these times, but parking will be free for everyone.

The parking system is fully digital (without paper tickets) and works as follows:

Monday –  Friday
08.00 – 18.00: €2 / 60 min.
18.00 – 08.00: free
Saturday  and Sunday: free
Maximum daily rate €10  |  Free exit within 30 minutes

Subscription holders
Subscription holders (for example campuscard holders) can park free of charge for a maximum of 48 hours. After 48 hours, paid parking applies at the above rates.

Terms and conditions for parking
The general terms and conditions for using the parking locations can be found here.

Parking policy
Would you like to know more about the parking policy and what it means for students, staff, companies on campus and visitors? Then take a look at the parking policy page. There you will also find frequently asked questions with answers. Questions about the parking policy? Send an email to

Public parking spaces

With effect from 1 February 2023, the Municipality of Delft introduced paid parking for the public parking spaces on the campus. This means that as a TU Delft employee and student, you can only park for free at the six TU Delft locations (Accessibility TU Delft). The public parking spaces are on Jaffalaan, Christiaan Huygensweg and around Korvezeestraat. These parking spaces are mainly for residents of the campus and their visitors. They can apply for a parking permit for this from the municipality.

Electric and hydrogen cars

Electric charging points are available for employees and students. Electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles can park everywhere on campus with the exception, due to fire regulations, of the parking garage of P2.

Parking enforcement

Parking is only allowed in the designated parking spaces. There is  actively enforcement on the ‘TU Delft Campus’. Therefore, always park in a parking space to avoid a fine.