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As a startup or scale-up, selecting the right office space can make a massive difference. Opting for TU Delft Campus can prove to be the optimal choice to elevate your innovation and business to the next level. We provide an array of spaces tailored to meet your specific needs. This includes versatile office and laboratory spaces, complemented by makerspaces and the essential amenities such as meeting rooms and lunch corners. Discover the varied possibilities available at our campus.

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Let your business grow, thrive and innovate on TU Delft Campus. With a wide range of (shared) offices, labs, clean rooms, field labs and testing grounds, the campus is tailored to meet all the specific needs of startups and scale-ups. It is more than just physical infrastructure: join a vibrant ecosystem that encourages knowledge exchange. Gain access to a community of innovators, pioneers and changemakers.

Locations and offices

Laboratories and makerspaces

Versterk je innovatie vermogen

Gemeenschap en Evenementen

Een levendige, inspirerende campus met een samenwerkende, interdisciplinaire gemeenschap, aangevuld met een divers aanbod aan evenementen.


Snelle toegang tot samenwerkingen op het gebied van wetenschappelijk onderzoek en technologische innovatie, precies daar waar uitvinding en realiteit elkaar ontmoeten.


Eerste rij plaatsen voor talent: studenten met ambitie, ondernemerszin en honger naar maatschappelijke impact.


Dompel je onder in een dynamisch ecosysteem met innovatieve faciliteiten zoals makerspaces, fieldlabs en laboratoria. Allemaal dichtbij Rotterdam en Den Haag.

Laboratories and makerspaces

Unlock possibilities in our campus labs and makerspaces for rent, tailored for -industrial- biotech and light chemical activities. Our modern labs offer flexible leasing options, standalone or with office space, meeting ML1 and ML2 research standards. Equipped with essential facilities for a seamless start, choose an empty lab or furnish it with approved furniture. Beyond labs, we provide versatile makerspaces (22m² to around 100m²), ideal for mechanical activities, prototyping, or storage. Cultivate creativity and innovation in an environment crafted for diverse modern business needs.

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What sets TU Delft Campus apart are the various innovation clusters and field labs around specific themes.

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Campus and its surroundings

In an inviting urban setting, TU Delft Campus offers strategic location and great accessibility. Surrounded by green spaces, recreational areas, and Delft’s historic city center, it’s close to major transportation hubs connecting Rotterdam, The Hague, and Leiden through trains, trams, and highways. Enriched with academic institutions, research centers, field labs, and innovative enterprises, TU Delft Campus is the preferred choice for start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, and corporate satellite offices.

TU Delft Campus events

Settle down at the campus and participate in a diverse selection of events, workshops, and inspiration sessions. Become part of our community and grow your network.

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TU Delft Campus is home to pioneers. Interested in joining us? Connect today to explore prime locations for your startup or scale-up and become part of our vibrant community.

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