Area visions

TU Delft’s campus is divided into three parts: Campus North, Campus Central, and Campus South, each with its own description based on the vision.

The TU Delft Campus Vision 2040 is structured around the themes of sustainability, digitisation, shifting fields of research, valorisation, and the growing and changing campus population. It gives direction for transformations and new developments for TU Delft and establishes the framework for real estate and area developments.

The area visions are a more concrete elaboration of the Campus Vision 2040. These visions are not a blueprint, but provide, through rules of the game, a directional spatial assessment framework for the future development of the area.

Area vision North

 It is not yet known how and when this area vision will be developed.


Area vision Midden

This vision is characterised by a green main structure with so-called building blocks. Focus in this structure is on different zones with a variety of functions and atmospheres. Read more.

Area vision South

This area will continue to be developed into a vibrant environment with sustainable new facilities for education and research, where interaction and co-operation with the various companies on campus are encouraged. Read more.