At TU Delft, there are food trucks every weekday from Monday to Friday. The food trucks offer a delicious and fresh assortment. You can find them on Freezone C from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Here are the different food trucks you can expect to see:

Greek Olijf:
Greek Olijf brings various Greek delicacies to the Randstad region.

Chicken, Curry & Chips (CCC):
The dishes vary from warm meals to tasty snacks and exotic drinks. The menu consists of a mix of Indian, Surinamese, and Brazilian cuisine.

This retro kitchen on wheels offers a delicious rotating menu, from quesadillas to tacos to vegetarian delights.

Bao & Bowl:
Enjoy tasty Asian dishes such as Fried Chicken Rice Bowl, Peking Duck Rice, Vegan Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl, and Vegan Teriyaki Mushroom Rice Bowl.

Wok & Roll:
The tastiest noodles and sandwiches are ordered from the wok bus.

Chorizo’s & Co:
This cozy grill food truck offers authentic Argentine cuisine for a satisfying meal.

Come and enjoy a variety of dishes at the food trucks. Whether you’re in the mood for Greek delicacies, Asian flavors, or Argentine cuisine, there’s something for everyone. Check the truck schedule below: