About TU Delft Campus

We believe in the power of innovation through co-creation. To solve the global challenges, we need technological innovations that are complex, multidisciplinary, time consuming, capital intensive and potentially disruptive.

Meet the team

With TU Delft Campus we develop a vibrant ecosystem with various partners willing to invest, collaborate, create and innovate. It is much more than just a place. It’s a mindset, driven by people who share our vision that only together we can achieve radical innovation and create impact for a better society.


Innovate together. We believe that no company, industry, government or knowledge institution can develop the radical innovations that the world needs on its own. Whether it concerns climate change, health, digitisation or the energy transition, collaboration is key.


Leading the way. At the heart of our multi-partner innovation ecosystem is TU Delft, the oldest and largest university of technology in the Netherlands. It ranks among the world’s best in the fields of science, engineering and design and provides the excellent scientific research out of which many new products, services and applications are developed.


Entrepreneurial spirit. Delft is the best region for entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, according to the national Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index. The typical Delft ‘can do’ mentality is in our DNA. To speed up innovation, researchers, companies and governments work together in field labs: unique testing grounds where products can be tested and further developed in a real life environment.


Already, more than 200 national and international companies, ranging from promising start-ups to renowned tech companies joined our community. Whether you’re a student, sme, large company or entrepreneur, everyone who shares our mission, is welcome. Want to team up with us and create meaningful impact? Take a look at what we have to offer.

The TU Delft Campus team


Anne-Lize Hoftijzer

Manager Development Campus

Zwanet van Lubeck

Head of Business Partnerships

Luc Schrover

Managing Director Delft Vastgoed (TDVG)

Danielle ten Veldhuis

Head of Marketing & Communication

Martine Klijn

Marketing Manager TU Delft Campus

Malou Spruit

Brand Manager

Jurjen Slump

Content & PR Lead

Merel Zeilstra

Communications Advisor

Jens Kok

Content Marketeer

Jochen Meischke

Content Marketeer

Monique Stuffers

Marketing & Community Coordinator

Ruth de Vries

Marketing & Community Manager

Address and contact information

For general inquiries, please contact us through:

TU Delft Campus
Building 26C
Van der Burghweg 1
2628 CS Delft
E. info@tudelftcampus.nl

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