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The TU Delft Campus community consists of scientists, start-ups, companies, knowledge institutes, student-entrepreneurs and a vast network of innovation partners. Together they shape the TU Delft Campus ecosystem; an environment driven by collaboration, knowledge sharing and societal impact.

TU Delft Campus invests in bringing the brightest minds and entrepreneurial spirits together and enthuses them to collaborate and innovate. With Growing Together as our new trend, it is our goal to build and facilitate a co-creation community that represents the next level of innovation pioneers.

Over 250 companies

More than 250 national and international companies are based on TU Delft Campus. Varying from start-ups in the incubator YES!Delft to the international head offices of Applikon Biotechnology, VSL, Exact and 3M. Innovative public private partnerships like Holland Particle Therapy Centre, RoboHouse and QuTech headquarters give the Campus a unique position in the Netherlands.

Leading location for R&D

TU Delft Campus provides a unique ecosystem in which education, science, business and government find each other. It is therefore a leading location for research and development in Europe and home to companies who’s knowledge and research institutes are linked to the high quality scientific research at TU Delft.

A selection of companies situated on TU Delft Campus

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