Do you have an idea that could help the energy transition? Are you interested in creating a startup based on your idea? Or, do you have a startup and need support to grow? The Energy Startup Voucher offers students and recent graduates up to € 5.000,- to support the growth of startups working on the energy transition.


The TU Delft Energy Startup Voucher is intended to give entrepreneurial minded TU Delft students and associates the opportunity to cover the first costs of developing an innovative idea into a business proposition in the energy transition domain. With this Startup Voucher the TU Delft Energy Inititive hopes to contribute to fulfilment of one of the main valorisation goals: stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship. With the Energy Startup Voucher we lower the financial barrier for finding out if innovative ideas generated during studies and research can be turned into a viable business and a career as an entrepreneur. With this instrument, Delft Energy Initiative aims at scouting, creating and supporting startups and entrepreneurs.


The Startup Voucher can be granted to natural persons that meet the following conditions:

  • He/she has an innovative idea and the ultimate goal to start a business based on this idea in the energy transition domain.
  • He/she is a student or a PhD/PD researcher at TU Delft, or recent graduate of TU Delft who have graduated no more than two years prior to submitting an application.
  • He/she nor anyone else working on the same project has ever received a TU Delft Energy Startup.


You will be coached by a professional within Delft Energy Initiative.

Application process

  • To apply for the Energy Startup Voucher, one must fill in an application form describing the idea and the plan to develop and/or test this idea.
  • After handing in the application form, your application will be reviewed by a committee. The criteria for your application evaluation are:
    • The attractiveness of your idea
    • Impact on energy transition
    • The track record of the applicant and his/her team.
  • If your plan is approved and meets the minimum requirements you will be invited to sign an Energy Startup Voucher contract including the conditions specified below.
  • After signing the contract, the funds will be transferred in two steps (each step € 2.500) to your personal bank account. After each step, you are required to hand in a report on the realisation of your plans.

Deadline: May 15tth 2024


If awarded the Energy Startup Voucher will be made available under the following conditions:

  • Only realised, eligible costs may be covered with the Energy Startup Voucher, grantee may have to (partially) repay the Enery Startup Voucher if one deviates from the granted application.
  • Only costs with receipts or invoices of registered companies are eligible costs to be covered with the Energy Startup Voucher.
  • Invoices by entities held by applicant or partners in the project are not eligible costs.
  • Hours spent by the team are not eligible costs.
  • Unless invoiced by a KvK registered entity, hours of externals are not eligible costs.
  • Any other conditions set by the Innovation & Impact Centre or the applicant’s faculty.
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