In the coming years, TU Delft Campus Zuid will be further developed into a vibrant environment with new facilities for education and research, where gatherings and collaboration will be promoted and encouraged. This includes collaboration within TU Delft and cross-pollination with the various companies on campus. The first visible development is the new building for the Logistics and Environment facility. Today, 23 February, Vice President of Operations/Executive Board Member, Marien van der Meer, ceremonially drove the first pile on this extraordinary building.

“It is an honour to be here today to drive the ceremonious first pile for the new Logistics & Environment building. This facility is indispensable for TU Delft today and in the future. This department is literally the raw material for facilitating all research and education on campus.” — Marien van der Meer, Vice President of Operations/Member of the TU Delft Executive Board

Logistics and Environment

The Logistics and Environment (L&M) department facilitates the purchase, storage and distribution of laboratory supplies, chemicals and gases used by the various laboratories at TU Delft. L&M will move from its current location to a new building just down the road on the southern part of the campus on Heertjeslaan.

Sustainable construction

When it comes to sustainability, the bar is high. The L&M building and its integration were designed to be nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive. The curved roofs have planting that connects with the local biodiversity of the surrounding polder landscape in terms of both flora and fauna. With large corten steel sliding gates and overgrown biodiverse slopes, the fence is mostly invisible and the security border is incorporated into the building. The new building is also made up of renewable and/or recycled materials as much as possible. The use of a lot of glass gives an open, airy appearance and provides optimal daylight in the workplace. And partly thanks to the solar panels on the roof, some of which have been reused from the current building, the new Logistics and Environment building will be even more sustainable.

Area development TU Delft Campus South

Once the new L&M building is ready, building will begin on the new Physics building, followed by the new QuTech building, a new generic educational building and a new parking garage.

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