Restructuring the Leeghwaterstraat

An attractive campus with an extensive cycling and pedestrian network in a partially car-free area. That is where TU Delft is working towards. The Leeghwaterstraat is part of this change and has been adapted to a bicycle street, where cars are a ‘guest’. The street is accessible as a bicycle street for cars and loading and unloading traffic.

In addition to the redevelopment, the underground infrastructure such as sewerage and cables and pipelines have also been replaced. The old sewerage system was partly damaged by the root growth of trees. The replacement of the sewers has improved the water management in the mid-western part of the campus.

Facts and figures

  • Street length: 750 metres
  • Many adjacent buildings and facilities


  • Start project: Q2 2016
  • Design:  Q1 2017
  • Implementation: Q2 2017 – Q4 2017
  • Finished: Q4 2017