Redesign outdoor area X

After the major upgrade of X, its outdoor area was redesigned in several phases to create an attractive environment that optimally facilitates X’s activities. As X put it: “We want a canvas that we can colour ourselves”. In other words, a lot of space to fill in all conceivable activities in the programming.

Integration and unity

Around X, there were many separate spaces and squares. By connecting these, a logical arrangement was created as a unity. As a result, the entire area can now be used more effectively, depending on the needs and the season.


More greenery, a better overview and a pleasant atmosphere. The front of X has been given more space for sporting and social activities. The area was furnished with benches and other furniture, creating more opportunities to meet each other, study together or relax. In addition, the bicycle storage capacity was extended at the front side and the bicycle cellar was widened.


More greenery was also added to the sides of the building, for a relaxed atmosphere in contrast to the liveliness at Café X. New, large benches along the tennis courts now form a quiet place to meet and enjoy the sun. On the opposite side, near the student residences, the grounds were also upgraded and became more attractive. The area for the Campus Farm has become much larger. Containers have also been placed here to store materials used by X. A new, central collection station for all wheelie bins ensures an orderly appearance and facilitates good accessibility for the waste collection services.

Rear side

The central square at the back of X offers a nice view of the sports fields and is used for numerous events. This has not changed in the new situation: the square offers maximum space for organising various activities. The beach volleyball court has also been retained.


Accessibility, safety and logistical traffic were important issues in determining the design. The large number of cyclists and pedestrians must be able to reach and leave X via logical routes. In addition, supply to Café X (by a beer tanker, among others) is obviously crucial. Furthermore, much attention has been paid to lighting and social safety.


  • Start: Q3 2019
  • Phasing: from the soccer fields in the back, a phased approach is taken to the front.
  • Delivery: Q3 2020