Reconstruction and redesign of Huismansingel

Huismansingel is part of the main infrastructure of the TU Delft Campus. Over the next few years, the TU Delft Campus is set to be rejuvenated and improved, as explained in the TU Delft Campus Strategy. The work is also intended to improve mobility and accessibility. The volume of traffic has risen in the past few years and is expected to continue rising in the years to come. As an important ‘pillar’ for the area development of the TU Delft Campus South, Huismansingel is in need of reconstruction and a new design.

Huismansingel as a high-quality entrance

The reconstruction and redesign of Huismansingel will improve traffic safety and the traffic flow from and to the N470 and A13. In addition, the new design will showcase Huismansingel as a high-quality entrance to the TU Delft Campus. The new design comprises the following elements:

  • Traffic safety: Space is being created to accommodate the increase in the volume of car and bike traffic. The first step will be to widen the road and create a two single-lane road. The technical condition of the roads will also be improved.
  • Traffic lay-out: The existing traffic lay-out, with two consecutive crossroads (with Molengraaffsingel and Cyclotronweg) will be reconstructed to provide a single crossroad (improving the connection with the N470/A13). This means that traffic coming from Cyclotronweg will be directed via Molengraaffsingel, and traffic coming from Uytenbogaartsingel via Watermanweg.
  • Appearance: A wide, green central reservation will separate the two lanes, with a clearly marked outer boundary formed by cycle lanes, footpaths and avenues of trees. This will add to the allure and boost the natural and ecological quality of the area.


Design – Q2 2022
Construction – Q3-Q4 2022
Completion – Q1 2023

Sustainability goal

Circular materials will be used in the design and construction wherever possible. The foundations of the traffic lanes, for example, will consist of concrete rubble left over from buildings demolished elsewhere on the TU Delft Campus.


How will the reconstruction and redesign of Huismansingel affect me?

Preparations for the construction work for this project started in March 2022, when a number of trees were felled and ditches dug for underground cables and pipelines. Construction work on Huismansingel itself will commence in the summer of 2022. This will include earthmoving, laying asphalt for the roads, cycle lanes and footpaths, and installing new traffic lights.

Depending on the schedule set by the contractor, this may cause disruption to people using Huismansingel and the connecting roads. Routes may be temporarily changed or diverted, and temporary speed restrictions may be enforced. If it is unavoidable, access to certain parts of the area may be temporarily restricted.

The TU Delft project team, working closely with the Municipality of Delft, is doing everything it can to keep disruption and temporary restrictions to a minimum. More information will be published as soon as details of the schedule become available.

More information

If you have any questions about this project or other work being carried out on the campus, please contact the Park Management team at the Campus and Real Estate department.