New QuTech building

The TU Delft Campus will be renewed and improved in the coming years. One of the developments involved in this is the new QuTech building. QuTech is a quantum technology research institute of Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). QuTech is working on a radical new technology with world-changing potential. Its mission is to develop scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and an inherently safe quantum internet. To achieve these ambitious goals, QuTech brings together scientists, engineers and industry in an inspiring environment. Together they are creating the quantum future, because QuTech believes that quantum technology will be a game changer in many social and economic sectors, including health, agriculture, climate and safety.

Breeding ground for innovation and new activity

This new construction project for QuTech will provide improved conditions for scientists to conduct state-of-the-art research. The new QuTech building will serve as a breeding ground for innovations and new activity, technological cross-pollination and new partnerships, for its users and academics as well as for the business community. QuTech is already working with prominent Dutch and international companies worldwide.

New location in TU Delft Campus South

QuTech will have a new building in the southern part of campus, specifically in TU Delft Campus South . This area will continue to be developed in the coming years to create a vibrant environment with new facilities for education and research, where interaction and collaboration are encouraged. This involves collaboration within TU Delft as well as cross-pollination with the various companies on the TU Delft campus. In addition to the development for the new QuTech building, the development programme in development area south also involves the following projects: new Logistics & Environment building, new Physics building, new General Teaching Building, new Car Park Building and the layout of the outside area (below and above ground). In addition, space has been reserved for the possible development of a new Clean Room and House of Quantum. More information about TU Delft Campus South  and what is planned there can be found on the campus development pages.

New QuTech building

In general, the new QuTech building will be used for the following purposes:

  • Conducting high-level and innovative research in the field of quantum technology
  • Collaboration between researchers, companies and students
  • Hosting, interacting and collaborating with external parties.

Facts & Figures

  • 14,000 m2 GFA of indoor space
  • Workspaces for QuTech
  • Workspaces for services and support
  • Study spaces for Master’s students and the QuTech research programme (cryostats and cryo/laser systems)

CO2-neutral and circular campus by 2030

TU Delft is working to make its campus more sustainable with the aim of achieving a CO2-neutral and circular campus by 2030. The new QuTech building will contribute to this aim. The construction project will be carried out according to the internationally recognised Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standard. BREEAM has several levels; the ambition for the new QuTech building is BREEAM Excellent. Thus the ambition is to build even more sustainably, including used materials, insulation based on natural materials, energy neutrality and energy-efficient systems.

More about QuTech

QuTech has been designated a National Icon by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, due to its ground-breaking and innovative character, its economic potential for the Netherlands and its potential contribution to major societal challenges. QuTech is considered one of the top quantum technology research centres in the world.

QuTech’s research and engineering activities are conducted in three divisions: Quantum Computing, Quantum Internet and Qubit Research. QuTech’s current divisions and support teams include more than 320 inquisitive individuals and will grow considerably in the coming years in order to fulfil all ambitions.

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