Latest news | Final design new Physics building completed

The TU Delft Campus is being rejuvenated and improved in the next few years. This development includes the construction of a new Physics building to accommodate those departments of the Faculty of Applied Sciences that are currently housed in Building 22. In addition to state of the art laboratories and teaching facilities, this building will include a future-proof office environment for students, researchers, lecturers, support staff, and businesses visitors. The Executive Board took the definitive decision to invest on Tuesday 18 January 2022. In the south of the campus, departments of Applied Sciences are already housed in buildings 50, 58 and 67. With the realisation of the new Physics building, the entire Faculty of Applied Sciences will be located in the south of the campus.

Design by: Ector Hoogstad Architects
Please note that the concept images used on this page are for illustration purpose only. Changes to the design of the new Physics building might occur during the development process of this project.

Development programme for TU Delft Campus South

The development of the new Physics building is part of the area development on TU Delft Campus South. This area offers plenty of room for further development as described in the TU Delft campus strategy. The continuing development of this area in the years ahead will result in a lively environment with new teaching and research facilities, one that promotes encounter and cooperation. This means: cooperation within TU Delft as well as cross-pollination with the various businesses located on TU Delft Campus.

In addition to the development of the Physics building, the following projects form part of the development programme: new building for Logistics & Environment, new building for QuTech, new Generic Teaching Building South, new South Car Park and development of the non-built environment (above and underground). The Generic Teaching building will provide central teaching facilities for the primary users of TU Delft Campus South: the faculties of Applied Sciences and AeroSpace Engineering (AE). Moreover, space has been reserved for a new Cleanroom to possibly be developed. For more information about the developments on TU Delft Campus South, check the campus development pages.

Physics Building

Broadly speaking, the future Physics building will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Conducting high-level, innovative research in the field of quantum technology, nanotechnology, photonics and imaging technique.
  2. Providing Applied Physics teaching at Bachelor’s and Master’s level – including laboratory courses and the conduct of research assignments and experiments – and providing teaching in the TU Delft Teaching training programme and science communication at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.
  3. Cooperation between researchers.
  4. Reception, encounter and co-operation with external parties.

 New location

The current site of the Logistics & Environment facility is the planned location of the Physics building. Logistics & Environment will move to a new building in this area. The newly available plot complies with the appropriate VC-F vibration requirement and the EMC requirements for research conducting by the Faculty of Applied Sciences. This location has the added advantage that it will bring the Faculty of Applied Sciences closer to three other Applied Sciences buildings. The new building will be directly adjacent to the buildings that currently houses Molecular and Life Sciences (building 58), the Catalyses Lab (building 67) and to the reactor institute (Building 50).

Carbon neutral and circular campus by 2030

TU Delft is working towards making the campus sustainable; its goal is for the campus to be carbon neutral and circular by 2030. The Faculty of Applied Sciences Physics building will help it achieve this goal. The construction project is being carried out in accordance with the internationally recognised Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standards. There are several levels to BREEAM, and our ambition is for the new Physics building to meet the requirements for BREEAM Excellent. In this way we will be implementing our own goal of building even more sustainably. This involves building with previously used materials, insulation based on natural materials, energy neutrality and energy-efficient installations.