The TU Delft Campus is so much more than the area around TU Delft. It is a bustling ecosystem in which radical and complex innovations are developed. The strong ‘can do’ mentality ensures that our scientists and entrepreneurs have major impact and deliver a strong contribution to societal challenges.

How we co-create

There is a great need for connecting knowledge and resources. TU Delft Campus – as an online and physical space, with numerous companies, impact tech frontrunners, thought leaders and students with a growth mindset – can serve as the ideal networked city that enables participants to meet others, thereby unlocking impact tech opportunities.

Co-creation community

TU Delft Campus invests in bringing the brightest minds and entrepreneurial spirits together and enthuses them to co-create and innovate. It is our goal to build and facilitate a co-creation community that represents the next level of innovation pioneers. Want to join our community? Read up about settling on campus.




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