Last Thursday, Tim van der Hagen (Rector magnificus TU Delft), Sjoukje Heimovaara (President Executive Board) and Femke Halsema (Mayor of Amsterdam) visited AMS Institute together. The visit revolved around the signing of the letter of intent between the City of Amsterdam, TU Delft (TUD) and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) for the next phase of AMS Institute.

By signing the letter of intent, the City of Amsterdam, WUR and TUD, took a big step towards a renewed, long-term collaboration. Central to this is amplifying the impact that AMS Institute is already having on cities around the globe. Through large-scale impact-driven research and innovation programs, and new education focusing on lifelong learning for urban professionals, AMS Institute is being further developed jointly with great strength.

Innovations for a future-proof city

Since the establishment of AMS Institute in 2014, the partners have been working closely together on sustainable, future-proof innovations for the city. AMS Institute (located at Amsterdam’s innovation hub Marineterrein) is the beating heart of this collaboration with a portfolio covering mobility, digitization, food, climate resilience, circularity, and energy. The institute actively involves organizations from business and government, knowledge institutions and residents, in its scientific research, education for students and professionals and boosting of entrepreneurship.

Close cooperation with the City of Amsterdam

Located at the Marineterrein, AMS Institute forms a unique collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and three top ranking universities. Through AMS Institute, world-class research finds its way into experimentation and implementation in Amsterdam practice, researchers closely collaborate with the city using a ‘Living Lab’ methodology. With its in-house master’s program MSc MADE, a joint degree master’s program of WUR and TUD, AMS Institute provides a young generation of transdisciplinary urban engineers. Through its innovation and entrepreneurship activities, AMS Institute is a driver of business activity.

“AMS Institute is an important part of TU Delft. Together with partners, we have set the bar high over the past 10 years to accelerate urban innovation. I feel the social urgency for this is only increasing. We therefore see our impactful activities in Amsterdam continuing to grow in the coming years.”

Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus TU Delft

Scientific and societal impact go hand in hand

Over the past 10 years, AMS Institute has evolved into a leading research institute and, in collaboration with 1000+ public and private partners, has contributed to the realization of numerous solutions for complex urban issues. 10 years after the original plan of core academic partners WUR, TUD and MIT (Massachutes Institute of Technology), AMS Institute is more relevant than ever and ready for the next phase.

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