SolvGE just launched the world’s first 1KG/day Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrator, called SG-1. Just as the name suggests, the SG-1 is able to produce up to 1KG of 95% H2O2 concentration in just under 24 hours. SolvGE is the first in the world to develop such a concentrator. SolvGE wants to provide Hydrogen Peroxide as a service to a wide variety of industries. The company is on its way to increase the accessibility of peroxide as the greenest oxidizer and energetic chemical and to remove the use of toxic chemicals from industries.

Revolutionary improvement in efficiency and sustainability

The technology of SolvGE can improve the process efficiencies in a large number of industrial applications, such as propylene synthesis, pulp bleaching, silicon cleaning, passivation processes, fragrance manufacturing and many more chemicals. SolvGE uses one core technology of on-site H2O2 to replace multiple toxic chemicals such as chlorine, fluorine, potassium dichromate, nitric acid, and sulphuric acid. Oxidative processes are all across the world and SolvGE’s technology provides revolutionary improvement in terms of process efficiency and sustainability, all at a cost effective method. Eventually SolvGE wants to enable people to use basic resources such as water and sunlight to provide themselves with sustainable means of energy production, storage, and generation for versatile applications.

Big step forward

Team SolvGe: ‘Sustainability in society requires advancements across all fronts. Our technology can play a crucial role in helping industries to make their chemical processes more sustainable. We are thrilled to see the interest of industry partners in the progress we are making. Our teams and our partners are on a mission to SOLVing Green Energy. Presenting the SG-1, marks a big step forward.’

The SG-1 is able to produce up to 1KG of 95% H2O2 concentration in just under 24 hours, a world first.

Spin-off TU Delft

As a spin-off from TU Delft, Delft Enterprises supported SolvGE during the start of their company. The start-up is a member of the Aerospace Innovation Hub on TU Delft Campus and won the Aerospace Start-up Voucher  in 2020. SolvGE came about as a Master Thesis research by former Space Engineering student Jaime Quesada, who together with Pranav Prasad and under the supervision of Dr. B.V.S Jyoti developed the technology that upcycles low concentrations of peroxide upto 99.5% concentrations, initially required by the space propulsion market. Last year, SolvGE launched the first Researcher Grade H2O2 Concentrator or abbreviated to RGP using the same principle but for smaller amounts.