TU Delft spin-off Respyre has won the prestigious Philips Innovation Award 2022 (PHIA). With the €50.000,- which Respyre took home, the startup will continue developing their special innovation: a bioreceptive concrete product which is the perfect surface for moss to grow on, enabling cities to become greener.

Respyre is the big winner in the category Innovation League and wins expert guidance to further develop their technology. Moreover they’re supported with financial means and the extensive network Philips offers. Founder Auke Bleij festively accepted the award.

Delft Enterprises has Respyre in their portfolio of companies and saw another portfolio company win the PHIA award in 2019: Bi/ond was crowned that year as the most innovative company. Respyre avidly tests their technology on The Green Village, on TU Delft Campus: a bioreceptive concrete product in which moss is enabled to settle and grow on vertical surfaces. With it facades, noise barriers and quay walls can be made greener in a smart, cheap and practically maintenance-free way. This works wonders for the liveability and footprint of cities.

The PHIA award cerenomy was colored in ‘Delft blue’ when the Rough Diamond award of €10.000,- went to Glimp, also established in Delft. They are developing a breathing therapy that is assisted by of a small electronic device (the so-called ‘Pebble’) which treats burn-outs.