Upgrade X

The number of annual visitors to X, the sports & culture centre on the TU Delft campus, has increased sharply in recent years and is still rising. The increasing number of students caused a shortage in the accommodations. TU Delft is therefore expanding this location with a diverse programme of sports and cultural facilities, multifunctional rooms, office space and food and beverage facilities (Cafe X).

The covered playground has now been realised between the Mekelweg and the outdoor fields. The new hall provides a physical connection between Sport and Culture and offers an open view of all facets of the building and the versatile activities, all around. In addition, the existing complex will be given a sustainable facelift. The extensive and renewed X offers sufficient space to continue to grow and to maintain a wide and high quality range. X will remain open throughout the duration of the work. A logistical challenge that requires a lot of flexibility and cooperation.

In addition to the brand new halls and offices, a large sports hall has also been added. In this way X can offer all kinds of new activities to employees, students and visitors. Preparations for new changing rooms, on the side of the old sports hall, started at the end of 2018. In fall 2019, the outdoor space will be adapted: more bicycle parking facilities will be provided at the front, a more extensive area for Student Farming at the back and a different layout to offer more space for sports, creative and festive activities. The former Culture Building will be further renovated and refurbished in 2020.

Facts & Figures

  • Buildings 37 and 38
  • New construction will have a gross floor surface area of 5,100 m²
  • The renovation concerns approx. 6,500 m² of sports facilities


  • Design: 2013 – 2015
  • Preparation: 2015 – 2016
  • Execution: 2016 – 2018
  • Completion: 2018