NEXT Delft phase 2

NEXT Delft phase 2 is initiated by a.s.r. real estate on behalf of the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund (DSPF), in collaboration with TU Delft, to further enhance the innovation ecosystem at TU Delft Campus. This phase adds 10,000 square meters of office space, makerlabs, and community areas to the existing building of NEXT Delft, intended for scale-ups and new tech companies wanting to set up business on campus and in close proximity to Delft University. 

NEXT Delft offers housing for scale-ups and impactful companies from all over the region. Companies that have outgrown the startup phase and want to grow are welcome at NEXT Delft. In this way they remain part of the community and ecosystem on and around the TU Delft Campus. NEXT Delft is an accelerator building, designed to facilitate growth. Connecting is in the DNA of NEXT Delft.

What is being built

With the construction of Phase 2, NEXT Delft continues its mission as a vibrant hub for innovation and collaboration. This expansion, scheduled for completion in Q3 2025, aims to meet the growing demand for modern workspaces within the TU Delft Campus ecosystem. Similar to Phase 1, Phase 2 emphasizes sustainability and user-centric design, aiming for a seamless integration of functionality and environmental consciousness.


  • Execution: construction started in April 2024
  • Completion: Q3 2025
  • In use: Q3 2025

Involved parties

  • Investor: a.s.r. real estate on behalf of ASR Dutch Science Park Fund
  • Developer: FiMek estate
  • Architect: Ector Hoogstad Architects
  • Main contractor: De Vries en Verburg Bouw
  • Installer: Lomans Totaalinstallateur
  • Constructor: IMd
  • Installation advisor: Nelissen

Facts & Figures

NEXT Delft phase 2 is located in the middle of the southern part of the TU Delft Campus next to NEXT Delft phase 1 and YES!Delft and houses:

  • Maker labs
  • Co-working spaces
  • Community spaces
  • A high-tech event center
  • A publicly accessible catering facility with a sunny outdoor terrace
  • An innovative network environment for scale-ups, scientists and corporates
  • A community that focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • A sustainable, smart working environment where investments are made in solar panels, LED lighting and smart building technology aimed at, among other things, air quality, temperature, humidity, health and well-being.

More information

If you have any questions about this project or other work being carried out on the campus, please contact the Park Management team at the Campus Real Estate & Facility Management department.