Firma van Buiten

Ten years ago, sisters Femke and Anne Kleijweg founded their social catering company Firma van Buiten on the Jacoba van Beierenlaan in Delft. A characteristic place, but after 10 years and with a staff of 35 strong, they have grown out of their current location.

At the end of this year Firma van Buiten will move to TU Delft Campus. The new sustainable accommodation on the corner of Heertjeslaan and Thijsseweg will have a surface area of ​​1000 square meters and will be built this summer.

The new accommodation of 500 square meters (GFA) will be a sustainable and circular building on the water. Because Firma van Buiten can stay for at least 10 years, a suitable solution has been sought that can meet all wishes and requirements, but also be of temporary nature. The materials that are used are circular, which means that at some point they can be used elsewhere or have already been used elsewhere and are now going to serve the Firma building.


  • Design: Q1 2020
  • Execution: Start Q2 2021
  • Completion: Q4 2021
  • In use: Q4 2021

Design: Kokon Architecture & Urbanism
Contractor: SKN construction and ReyTec

  • 500 m2 GFA
  • 40 learning/work places
  • circular
  • 3 different meeting rooms
  • take away
  • Catering and events
  • Adjacent to Heertjeslaan and Thijsseweg
  • Social entrepreneurship

Do you want a cake, mailbox brownie, lunch, drink or dinner with social impact? Firma van Buiten is a social work placement company. We never cook alone, we cook together. Firma van Buiten is a learn-work company where our participants are trained to become future catering employees.

Catering jobs give us the perfect opportunity to show what these great guys can do!

More information

If you have any questions about this project or other work being carried out on the campus, please contact the Park Management team at the Campus Real Estate & Facility Management department.