TU Delft is working on one of the major issues of our time; the transition to sustainable energy (the energy transition). Much of this research took place in the High Voltage lab.

This laboratory has been extensively renovated and is now the place where several research groups work on the energy transition: the Electrical Sustainable Power Lab (ESP) for the Electrical Sustainable Energy (ESE) department of the Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science faculty.

This lab will prepare the Dutch electricity network for the future. Because if we want to get more and more energy from windmills and solar panels, our electricity network has to change completely. The ESP lab is unique. There are no other high-voltage laboratories where such different studies take place in a single space. On the one hand this presents challenges such as preventing the mutual electro-magnetic influencing of research set ups. On the other hand it provides opportunities for unique, distinctive research options. Theoretically, up to 1.5 million(!) volts can be tested in the ESP Lab.

Facts and figures

  • Building 36
  • Globally unique high-voltage laboratory
  • Supports the most leading studies
  • Surface area: 5,285 m²


  • Start project:  2013
  • Design: 2015 – 2018
  • Execution: 2019-2021
  • Completion: 2021