New building Applied Sciences

TU Delft Campus is one of the leading locations for R&D in Europe. It is a next-level innovation campus, a vibrant ecosystem and, above all, an open community where radical and complex innovations are developed.

Applied Sciences is the state-of-the-art housing for the Applied Sciences faculty. The new building was necessary to continue performing at the highest level internationally, and was completed in spring 2016. It’s currently used by 600 employees and 800 TU Delft students on a daily basis.

The usage, the spatial design, the structure and the building’s systems have been attuned to minimise vibrations, reduce noise as well as to the high ventilation requirements and the creation of a stable temperature. Furthermore, a large thermal storage system provides sustainable heating and cooling for the entire building and the adjacent Holland Particle Therapy Centre.

Facts and Figures

  • Surface area: approx. 30,000 m²
  • Complex foundation plan
  • Integrated approach to installations and structural components
  • Many different types of laboratories and practical areas
  • ML2 laboratories for research with biomaterials


  • Design: 2012-2013
  • Execution: 2014-2016
  • In use: 2016