The NEXT Delft accelerator building on the TU Delft Campus is due to open for business on 1 March. Seven fast-growing start-ups, some from YESDelft, will be moving on to NEXT Delft. The TU Delft Campus ecosystem comprising more than two hundred and fifty start-ups, scale-ups, businesses, field labs and research institutions is growing strongly. NEXT Delft meets the need of scale-ups to further develop their innovations on the TU Delft Campus with TU Delft and other major collaborative partners close by.

Future ‘residents’ of NEXT Delft

The companies Bird Control Group, Delft IMP, Honest AgTech, NEXTdriver and Flexous are moving on to NEXT Delft from the start-up hubs YESDelft and RoboHouse. The Delft start-ups Cuurios and The Future Mobility Network have also chosen to continue their activities from NEXT Delft. For scale-ups it is advantageous to be in one building together with various other parties that are also experiencing rapid growth. These highly innovative and enterprising companies inspire and reinforce one another. One of the very first tenants is the TNO’s Building, Infrastructure & Maritime division; they have also taken the Building Innovation Laboratory, located opposite NEXT Delft. a.s.r. real estate is currently negotiating with potential tenants concerning the space that is still available.

Flourishing ecosystem at TU Delft Campus

The TU Delft Campus ecosystem, comprising more than two hundred start-ups, scale-ups, businesses, field labs (physical sites for the testing of innovations) and research institutions, is growing. The unique possibilities for collaboration and co-creation that the TU Delft Campus offers make it possible for groundbreaking innovations to reach society more quickly. With its central location on the TU Delft Campus, adjacent to YESDelft, and the attractive facilities it offers, NEXT Delft is set to assume an important role as the facilitator of collaboration within this ecosystem.

NEXT Delft accelerator building

Making connections is part of NEXT Delft’s DNA. In addition to high-end office space, the heart of the building contains maker labs: these are spaces that can be used as workshops and as laboratories for prototyping innovations. Within NEXT Delft, businesses working on technological, impactful innovations can collaborate with start-ups and scale-ups. Moreover, NEXT Delft offers community spaces, a state-of-the-art event centre and high-quality catering facilities to facilitate collaboration, getting together and serendipity.

NEXT Delft came into being from the close collaboration between the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund and TU Delft and is funded in part by subsidies from the City of Delft 2040 Fund and the provincial subsidy scheme Subsidieregeling Campussen Zuid-Holland.

More about the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund

Focusing on commercial real estate in the most sought-after Dutch science parks, the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund offers accommodation to knowledge-intensive businesses, particularly in the life-sciences and tech industries. This promotes collaboration between the business community and knowledge holders, such as universities and research institutions, resulting in the development of new knowledge, products and services that benefit all of society. In this way, the fund contributes to the development of the Dutch knowledge sector, and is classified by investors as an impact investment. The ASR Dutch Science Park Fund is a non-listed sector fund from the property asset management company a.s.r. real estate and is targeted towards institutional investors.

TU Delft Campus

TU Delft Campus is a leading tech innovation ecosystem. On the Campus, more than 41,000 researchers, entrepreneurs and students work together on radical innovations for a better society: ‘A community pioneering for change’. TU Delft Campus is home to more than 250 national and international businesses, varying from start-ups and scale-ups to tech companies of repute. Much of the collaboration takes place in the field labs, physical test sites where researchers, students, entrepreneurs and businesses collaborate with a view to accelerating innovation.

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