What sets TU Delft Campus apart are the various fieldlabs: real life testing sites where companies and knowledge institutions collaborate to develop, test, learn to implement and scale-up new technologies for commercial applications.

Innovation instruments

These fieldlabs bring together researchers, students, entrepreneurs and companies and enable them to speed up innovation. In addition, they strengthen the TU Delft Campus connection with research, education and policy on a specific theme.

“If you see an opportunity with robots, but you don’t know how, RoboHouse is the place to be”
Jaimy Siebel, general manager smart industry fieldlab RoboHouse

Bioprocess Pilot Facility RoboHouse
D:DREAM Hall Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport
Do IoT Fieldlab Smart Advanced Manufacturing | XL
Digital Factory for Composites The Green Village
Flood Proof Holland The Polderdak
Metropolitan Solutions Ultra Personalization of Products and Services
Proeftuin op de Noordzee Unmanned Valley Valkenburg
Quantum Delft Virtual Reality Design Methods Lab
Researchlab Automated Driving Delft Waterstraat
Researchlab Autonomous Shipping DigiCampus

Do you want to know more about how you can innovate your business in one of our fieldlabs? Please contact Friso Lippmann.