Yesterday, June 20, Vice President Operations and member of the Executive Board, Marien van der Meer, officially opened the new Logistics & Environment building. Logistics & Environment manages the procurement, storage, and distribution of laboratory supplies, chemicals, and gases for the laboratories on campus.

“It is my great pleasure to officially open this remarkable building today. Logistics & Environment is indispensable to TU Delft, both now and in the future; it is essential for facilitating research and education on campus. My congratulations to the Logistics & Environment staff and to everyone who contributed to this,” said Marien van der Meer, Vice President Operations/Member of the Executive Board of TU Delft.

The design

The new building at Heertjeslaan 5 in Delft stands out with its distinctive architecture featuring curved green roofs and a robust appearance, enhanced by the use of corten steel sliding gates. The building is designed with attention to nature and climate. The curved roofs are planted with vegetation that complements the flora and fauna of the surrounding polder landscape. Vegetated, biodiverse embankments make the fencing almost invisible, seamlessly integrating the security boundary with the building and its surroundings.

The new construction predominantly consists of renewable and/or recycled materials. Solar panels on the roof generate 89,000 kWh. Additionally, extensive use of glass creates an open appearance and optimal daylight entry on the work floor. The new Logistics & Environment building contributes to TU Delft’s sustainability goals, with the ambition to operate fully sustainably by 2030.

“It is wonderful to make the often invisible processes of Logistics and Environment visible to the TU Delft campus in a surprising design that centers on people, sustainability, and nature inclusivity,” said Wiebe de Boer, from the architectural firm cepezed.

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