The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index 2024 has been published and once again, Delft and the Westland region are topping the charts. The research, conducted by Birch and the Utrecht University School of Economics, shows that there is a strong correlation between the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the presence of innovative startups in Delft.

Without doubt the numerous innovative companies, incubators, field labs and co-working spaces located on and around the TU Delft Campus play a central role in the strong position of Delft and the Westland area. The index also shows that there is a strong positive relationship between the economic ecosystem and the presence of innovative startups and scale-ups in a certain region. With more than 250 startups, scale-ups, companies, field labs and research institutions, the TU Delft Campus is an important engine for innovation in the region.

Maintaining a solid track record

Delft also came out on top in 2022 and 2023, leaving other regions far behind.  Key ingredients mentioned in the study are leadership, knowledge and networks that concern the coordination of innovation projects, investments in R&D and the participation of companies in innovation projects.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index is published by Birch and Utrecht University and makes it possible to compare regional ecosystems for entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and to observe developments therein. The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Index quantifies and objectifies the strength of ecosystems for entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. With this, the index provides an objective basis for measuring and tracking ecosystems over time.

Entrepreneurial Ecoystem Index 2024

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