TU Delft Campus Makerzone

The TU Delft Campus Makerzone is a 250 m2 maker space where entrepreneurs, startups and businesses can bring their ideas to life. The Makerzone offers a broad range of advanced equipment and is accessible with a monthly membership, which includes the use of all resources. .

Membership options

We host shared workshops and classes to help you to get started with your ideas. The Makerzone is located in the startup community YES!Delft and accessible for everyone who wants to work on their prototypes or ideas. It offers the perfect place to work on your prototypes or ideas.


With the Trotec Q500 Lasercutter, various materials can be cut and engraved. The cutter has a CO2 laser of 150 watts and a working area of 1200x700mm (larger might be possible upon request). Some standard materials are in stock, specific materials can be brought. Lasercutting Instruction Makerzonens (PDF).


Milling can be done on the Huvema HU 25 conventional milling machine. This machine has a table size of 240 x 800 mm, speed of 115 – 1750 rpm and digital readout. Standard clamps and tools are available for use.


Two lathes can be used inside the makerspace. The EMCOmat 17S and the Weiler Ergodor. Standard clamps and tools are available for use.


Several drill presses are available. These are equipped with clamps and a standard set of drills to use for both wood and metal.


Outside of Yes! Delft a former shipping container is transformed into a paint booth. This is equipped with a paint fog extraction wall and an air compressor for spraying.

Sanding and blasting

To finish your parts various methods of sanding and spraying are available. Inside the workshop a glass blasting cabinet is available (approx. working area 750x500x500mm) and industrial circular and belt sanding machines for both wood as metal.


A welding area is designed for safe and ventilated welding. At the two welding tables, both MIG and TIG welding can be done. Standard filler rod (steel and aluminium) and protection (helmet, gloves etc.) are free to use.


A horizontal band sawing machine can be used for metal profiles up to 250mm diameter. It has a roller band for lengths up to 3m. In the woodworking area there is a crosscut saw for wood beams and a large horizontal panel saw. The panel saw sliding system has a total cutting length of 1600 mm.

CNC Milling

CNC milling is an ideal method for rapid prototyping and small-volume manufacturing in plastic and metal. To be able to operate our Maho milling a three-day course is available to learn all about this high-tech machining method.


Other than the stated above the workshop is equipped with most handtools, assembly tables, soldering station, small hand plate shear and a press brake machine.


Members of the TU Delft Campus Makerzone enjoy access to unparalleled design and fabrication facilities with excellent support. Because innovation can never be done alone, we offer access to up to  three different employees per membership.

TU Delft Campus family membership

  • For startups and businesses located at TU Delft Campus
  • Access for up to 3 different people per company
  • Security training for the use of basic machinery

€ 122,- per month ex VAT

TU Delft Campus friends membership

  • For startups and businesses from outside TU Delft Campus
  • Access per person
  • Security training for the use of basic machinery

Price on request

Specific projects

On request, the Makerzone can be used for specific projects that require intensive use. Please inform us about your project and we will send you a tailored proposal.

All new members must participate in a training to get acquainted with our tools before they can start working at the Makerzone.

Interested in becoming a member or do you want to receive more information? Please contact us.

Workshops and classes

Do you want to learn new crafts and techniques? At the TU Delft Campus Makerzone we offer various workshops and courses to enhance your skills.

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Welding MIG
  • Welding TIG
  • Laser Cutter instruction

Get in touch with us

Interested in becoming a member or do you want to receive more information? Please feel free to reach out.

015 744 0101

Molengraaffsingel 12