From 1 January 2024, TU Delft will work towards the new guidelines from the single-use plastic directive (hereafter SUP directive). The SUP directive is a European initiative that aims to reduce plastic waste. Earlier this year, TU Delft introduced reusable cutlery sets and the reusable ‘Billie Cup’ in anticipation of this change.

Transition period

The months of January and February will be a transition period, aimed at reducing current stock and preventing delivery problems at wholesalers. Due to the increasing demand for sustainable packaging, some supply problems may arise.

What does the SUP directive mean for TU Delft? 

Coffee machines, catering venues and banqueting (preparing and delivering food and beverages) will see some changes. TU Delft’s ambition is to be carbon neutral, climate-adaptive and circular by 2030, with a focus on biodiversity and quality of life. The reduction of single-use plastics contributes to this ambition. Read more about the directive and changes.

Coffee vending machines

  • New public coffee machines (mostly used by students) offer reusable cups for a fee. You can avoid this cost by bringing your own cup.

Hospitality locations including Pulse and Fellowship

  • Single-use packaging containing plastic will disappear and will be replaced by plastic-free alternatives wherever possible. For example: coffee cups, soup bowls, fruit cups and (pre-packaged) dairy products. These alternatives also apply to packaging that contains plastic. For example: bio/degradable plastics and plastic coatings.
  • In restaurants, there are more jugs and bowls from which everyone can pour or scoop for themselves in a SUP-compliant bowl/cup.
  • The following packaging is not covered by the SUP directive: bags (crisps, sweets), wrappers/foils (cheese/meat, candy bars), moulded plastic packaging that is heated on site (cup noodles, portion meals) and PET bottles with a deposit.
  • ‘Bring your own’ is not allowed in the restaurants due to portion differences.


  • All drinks and food are served on reusable crockery (glasses, cups, plates, and bowls).
  • External banqueting caterers have been instructed and apply the SUP directive.

Food trucks, Pulse and Fellowship

  • Food trucks are categorized by ‘to go’ legislation and are therefore still allowed to use plastic disposables for a fee. Food trucks will therefore charge a surcharge if they use plastic packaging or contain plastic packaging. These regulations have been in place since 1 July 2023.

More information & contact

If you would like to know more about the SUP directive in general, visit this page
Want to know more about the sustainability ambition at TU Delft, visit the sustainability website.
If you have any questions about the SUP directive at TU Delft, please contact