Diversity in catering facilities

Catering operator Cormet Enjoy the Good Life works with local entrepreneurs on campus. A wide range of tasty, fresh products with an ever-changing assortment. In line with the international character of TU Delft. Besides many different food locations around the campus, each faculty has its own food & beverage corner – in accordance with the catering vision.

A number of locations were renovated in order to present the range as well as possible and to modernise the facilities. These renovations were carried out in phases. All the locations have been refurbished.

Catering facilities in the Aula Building, EEMCS and CEG

The current catering facilities in the Aula Building, EEMCS and CEG will not be renovated for the time being. However, the range of products are adapted in consultation with users to be in line with the new catering vision (something for everyone, international and healthy). The character, atmosphere and setting are refurbished and improved.

Completion of Coffee & Bikes and the Pulse food market

The renovations and modifications to the interior of Coffee & Bikes is completed. The new Pulse teaching building has opened in September 2018. The building also houses a food market with three counters, similar to the food market in Fellowship in the south of the campus. Every season they select new operators for the three counters.

What is what?

Food & beverage (F&B) corner: A food & beverage corner can be found in every faculty and is the ‘living room’ of a faculty. It’s the place where you can meet students and colleagues for a chat or a (work) meeting. The selection on offer focuses on lunch. The products are fresh, home-made and healthy (oven-baked not fried). A basic range is available, including fruit and salads, bread and fillings/spreads, sandwich rolls, paninis and toasted sandwiches, oven-baked snacks, soups, sweet and savoury treats, coffee and tea, dairy products, fruit juices and soft drinks. Within these categories, you can expect a varied and ever-changing selection that may differ with each location.

Where: A +BE (with hot meals and longer evening opening hours), TPM, 3mE, VMB6 (Mathematics and Computer Science), AE, Applied Sciences South, RID has an unstaffed F&B Corner, i.e. self-service payment

Self-service restaurant: These locations offers a wide selection and is capable of processing large numbers of guests quickly. Alongside ready-made products, there are also lots of products to choose from to create your own meal. A basic range is offered, supplemented by a selection of products from (local) businesses. These changing providers are specialists in specific themes, such as ‘Hollandse pot, Italian, Asian, etc.’.

Where: Aula building, faculty of EEMCS, faculty of CEG, faculty of IDE (until the summer of 2019)

Food market: A central place where you can choose from a selection of international hot and cold dishes. The outlets each have their own distinctive look and feel, with a front office area where you order and pay. The seating area is shared, enabling groups of people to order from different outlets, but still eat together. The outlets specialise in themes on offer and prepare fresh, authentic recipes. The operators will change regularly, enabling you to discover a completely new theme.

Where: Fellowship, education building Pulse

Grand Café: A place to meet that has long opening hours and where you can eat light meals at the bar or at a table, selecting from a menu. Suitable for simple dining with friends, colleagues, family or business visitors. Also a perfect place for organising small events or a drink for example.

Where: Aula building

Espresso bar: The place for a good coffee and tasty treats. You can enjoy a simple breakfast in the morning and get a quick boost in late afternoon. A real barista is on hand to serve you. At the Coffee & Bikes Espresso bar, you can even have your bike repaired or repair it yourself.

Where: faculty of A +BE – STERK Espresso bar, TU Delft Library, faculty of CEG – first floor, faculty of EEMCS -entrance hall coffee cart, Coffee & Bikes – Espresso bar and Bike repair point

DE selfservice Coffee Kitchen: A self-service coffee corner with espresso machines, complete with cashless card payment terminals. Always available even when other facilities are closed.

Where: faculty of A + BE in Ketelhuis, faculty of TPM in the F&B Corner seating area, faculty of IDE ground floor, faculty of 3mE ground floor, faculty of CEG 6th floor in former smoking area, faculty of AE in F&B corner, faculty of Applied Sciences (zuid) in F&B Corner, RID, faculty of EEM&CS building 28 in F&B Corner, Aula building first floor near lecture rooms

Food Trucks In the middle of Mekelpark on Freezone C, opposite faculties 3mE and Applied Sciences, an assortment of pop-ups, coffee carts and food trucks offer even more variety during lunchtime every (midweek) day.

More information

If you have any questions about this project or other work being carried out on the campus, please contact the Park Management team at the Campus Real Estate & Facility Management department.