TU Delft is the best collaborating university in the Netherlands, according to the Impact Ranking Dutch Universities 2019 of ScienceWorks.

For the bi-annual ranking, ScienceWorks looked at the revenues from contract research, private investments in inventions and the extent to which universities participate in research consortia together with companies or government organisations. “Delft University of Technology is – in general – the most successful in this collaboration,” is the judgement.

TU Delft excels in corporate investments

It is remarkable that TU Delft ‘excels’ in attracting corporate investments, ScienceWorks states. With more than 27 thousand euros in investments per researcher, this is more than 3 times as much as what is invested on average in technical universities and more than 5 times as compared to general universities.

Five categories

The Impact Ranking has five categories. The prize for the most societal university went to Wageningen University & Research. The University of Amsterdam is the best communicating university. The University of Twente is both the most entrepreneurial university and the best valorising university.