At TU Delft Campus we are always on the lookout for sustainable partners to enhance our ecosystem. Our ideal partners are always reinventing themselves with new approaches and ideas, striving to create meaningful impact. We believe that a shared ambition with our professional partners is the basis for a profitable and strong collaboration that can last for years.

Broad basis for collaboration

The TU Delft Campus ecosystem matches the needs of innovative businesses with top talent, a strong start-up community, field labs, research facilities and a wide range of research areas. TU Delft Campus enables you to strengthen your innovation capabilities in many ways:

  • The place to (re)locate your business: a vibrant, inspiring campus with an interactive community of academics, students, entrepreneurs and start-ups.
  • Swift access to collaborations in the fields of scientific research and technological innovation, right where invention meets reality.
  • Front-row seats for new Delft talent: students with ambition, a sense of entrepreneurialism, and a thirst for social impact. Students who excel in the wide application of specialist knowledge and who master the ability to redefine and resolve issues in surprising ways
  • Space for tailor-made office facilities, access to shared services and close to both Rotterdam and The Hague.

We offer you a single point of access to the TU Delft Campus community of researchers, living labs, start-ups and students.

Let’s create the future together!

We invite companies with the same ambition to enhance our ecosystem: to collaborate and jointly shape the innovations that meet societal challenges.

If you would like to learn more about innovating together with TU Delft, please contact:

Account manager Campus Development & Fieldlabs
Friso Lippmann

Company accommodation

TU Delft Campus is the place for innovative companies, institutes, start-ups and entrepreneurs. As a TU Delft Campus resident, you are part of a larger whole: a next-level innovation ecosystem. We offer you a climate for innovation by science: such as joint research, a broad range of field labs, support for start-ups and access to several facilities, events and talent. And as a community member, we expect you to play a significant role in open innovation.

There are numerous opportunities for organisations to establish themselves on TU Delft Campus. Sharing our ambition ‘Impact for a better society’ is key!

Accommodation options

For start-ups and/or small businesses:

  • RoboValley – Robotics and AI
  • Bouwcampus – Construction and Real Estate
  • Aerospace Innovation Hub – Aviation and Aerospace
  • YES!Delft and YES!Labs – Blockchain, BioTech, MedTech, AI, AviationTech, CleanTech, Robotics and Complex Technology

For scale-ups, SME’s and large companies:

There are several possibilities to take office in existing buildings on TU Delft Campus. In collaboration with the ASR Dutch Science Fund Park there will rise a new building on the south of the TU Delft Campus for scale-ups and SME’s. Large Dutch or international companies can open an office there too. Next to office space, there will be a large manufacturing space.

On the south of the campus, there are also various plots available for businesses to build their own accommodation. In addition to all this, TU Delft has developed a joint network with the Municipality of Delft to access local accommodation such as the Schieoevers and Delftech business parks.

Interested in accommodation at TU Delft Campus?

If you would like to learn more information about the possibilities the TU Delft Campus has to offer for you? Please contact:

Manager Real Estate Development
Anne-Lize Hoftijzer