15 November 2023
GEW Delft

Escape room: Mission to Mars

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Time: 5 groups between 10.00am – 5.30pm
Location: Escape TU Delft
Number of participants: 30

Test if your entrepreneurial team is out of this world! 🪐

Do you want to train your collaboration skills? Your logical thinking? Working under (heavy) time pressure? Then this escape room is the place to be! Test yourself as an astronaut in the escape room of Delft University of Technology. The first manned mission to Mars is coming closer, so the search for qualified astronauts has started. We are looking for talent from all over the world, talent that can display a great eye of detail, teamwork, alertness and an adequate knowledge of space. In this Mars base you’ll get 60 minutes to successfully accomplish a simulated mission. Are you the team that we are looking for?

This is escape room is full of all kinds of special technical features as you would expect of an university of technology. It is rated with a 9.1 by EscapeTalk, so you don’t want to miss this.

You can subscribe as an individual or with a team of max. six persons for one timeslot. Please make all the people of your team claim a spot by registering for the timeslot in question. Places are very limited! You need at least three people to play the escaperoom. When there are too many no-shows in your team or timeslot, you will not be able to play.

If for some reason you cannot make it to the escaperoom, please inform us so we can give your space to someone else, so your absence doesn’t block anyone elses fun!

Available time slots*

10.00am – Start group 1 (min. 3 – max. 6 people)

11.30am – Start group 2 (min. 3 – max. 6 people)

1:15pm – Start group 3 (min. 3 – max. 6 people)

2:45pm – Start group 4 (min. 3 – max. 6 people)

4:30pm – Start group 5 (min. 3 – max. 6 people)

*Availability is regularly updated and is not guaranteed
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