Unlock new opportunities

Our Business Partnerships team is the gateway to the TU Delft and TU Delft Campus ecosystem. Together with experts we evaluate your industry and develop tailored research or innovation projects that fit your strategic agenda.

Innovate with us

The speed of innovation is essential to compete in a worldwide market. We believe that multi-party collaborations are key in accelerating innovation. In addition, our current challenges require complex technological innovations. We believe that no industry, government or research institute can develop or successfully introduce such innovations on their own. We invite you to innovate together and tackle your innovation challenges.

Our way of working

Partnerships are typically kickstarted with a ‘Discovery Session’ to discuss the future of your industry and identify innovation challenges. We involve key representatives from your company and experts from our TU Delft Campus ecosystem: researchers, students, field labs, our YES!Delft incubator and start-ups. The outcome of this session is then jointly developed into an annual plan.

With the annual plan as a guide, we jointly define and develop various tailored research or innovation projects that fit our partner’s strategic innovation agenda. The scale of these projects vary, short term projects generally run 3-12 months and gain quick results. More intensive research projects have a duration of 4 to 5 years. As the partnership evolves, we continuously propose new project ideas and opportunities of potential interest that could be explored further.

We offer our partners the opportunity to engage with an outstanding pool of talent in carefully designed challenges and projects. They inspire your organization with fresh insights and you get the opportunity to meet potential employees early on.

We believe that innovating together is inspirational. We invite our partners to meet, share and co-create. All our partners are regularly invited to events where they can meet peers and share insights and challenges. We organize network events, corporate education courses, an annual symposium and offer tours to visit our field labs and community.

X! initiatives

A growing and ageing population needs new answers to global challenges. From energy, climate and mobility to health, from food and natural resources to robotization and digitization. Solving them requires technological innovations that are complex, time consuming, capital intensive and potentially disruptive. From the belief that we can create more impact together, we develop X! initiatives. We invite our business partners to participate in an X! initiative and collaborate on societal challenges to speed up innovation. Join our strong community of businesses partners and create the future together!


Student community and challenges

Attracting top talent is essential in order to stay competitive. TU Delft is home to nearly 25.000 students from all over the world – all motivated and talented young people with a clear drive and interest in technology engineering, innovation and design. Our Business Partnerships team has strong connections with the students of TU Delft through our student community. We offer our partners the opportunity to connect and meet meet talent early on. Furthermore, we involve this outstanding pool of talent in carefully designed challenges and projects. Challenges or projects can last anywhere from several days to six months. Use these unique multi-disciplinary student teams to learn about new technologies, explore new design opportunities, develop out-of-the-box solutions and much more. Inspire your organization with fresh insights and get to know potential employees early on. Interested? Please contact us.

Corporate education

Employees play a crucial role in the success of your company. Corporate training programs will increase employee retention and allow your company to accumulate knowledge and talent that will help you overcome competitors. Building on our technological expertise we offer a broad portfolio of corporate education programs aimed at providing insight in the most important technological developments and their impact on your business. Please contact us for more information.

X!LEAD traineeship programme

The lack of tech talent and the challenges to attract and retain talent is affecting the development of innovation. We believe that top tech talent is a combination of top knowledge,  entrepreneurial spirit, and essential soft skills. In the X!LEAD programme, we recruit these talents and groom their entrepreneurial spirit by offering unique experiences in a start-up and corporate environment. To align talent with business we further nurture soft skills and equip them with extra training sessions.

The programme contributes to the acceleration of innovation by selecting top talent, furthering their impact in innovation by specific skill training, and creating opportunities in different contexts. The programme results in highly trained and driven innovation professionals with a unique mindset, having been exposed to both start-up and corporate environments. They are an absolute addition to any company and could be your future employee as soon as the programme ends.

Do you want to be part of X!LEAD and find your future employee? Please contact us.


TU Delft has over 25.000 students, many students choose to gain individual practical experience through an internship at companies. We greatly appreciate that companies give students the opportunity to gain practical experience. Interested in collaborating with TU Delft in the form of internships? Find out more.