Tram line 19

At present, tram line 19 travels from the Anthoniushove stop in Leidschendam to Delft station. In future, the tram is scheduled to continue on to the TU Delft Campus.

Measures to prevent interference with research on the campus

Due to the use of a new and heavier type of tram vehicle, more far-reaching measures are needed to minimise electromagnetic fields and to dampen the vibrations generated by the tram ride. For that purpose, the tram track must be dug up and reinstalled in part.

Prof. Pieter Kruit of the Faculty of Applied Sciences has designed the improved Electromagnetic reduction system (EMrs). The EMrs is a TU Delft patented invention and is already being used in the rail infrastructure systems of Ulm (Germany), Lund (Sweden) and closer to home in Utrecht.

PhD Michaël Steenbergen from the Department of Mechanics and Physics of Structures at the CEG Faculty has designed a specific tram line construction that reduces vibrations and is unique in its kind.

Together, the EMrs and tram line construction design ensure that the advanced technological and scientific research taking place on the campus is not subject to any interference.


At present, a great deal of work is being carried out on the technical as well as aesthetic design of the tram line as well as the final stop. Of course, the tram line must be compatible with the existing infrastructure. The park-like image of the TU Delft Campus must also be maintained. After the design phase has been completed, the preparations will begin for implementing the construction activities. This includes removing and reinstalling the tram track, installing the masts for the overhead line, installing the overhead line, the new final stop, and related infrastructure.

More information

For more information about the project and the planning, go to the website of the Metropolitan region of Rotterdam and the Hague (available in Dutch only) which is commissioning the installation of the tram line. If more information becomes available about the work activities that will take place on the TU Delft campus and their consequences, then it will be announced on this website as well. Activities that have an impact on accessibility or cause disruption in other ways will be communicated via various channels.

Do you have any questions about the trajectory on the campus? Then please feel free to contact the project manager of Campus Real Estate & Facility Management, Dick Huybens via