MEZT has won the Blue Tulip Award, a prestigious prize that is awarded to innovators aiming to pave the way to a brighter future. In the category Food & Water, MEZT proved to have the most revolutionary idea. 

With their innovation, MEZT looks to refine animal manure and produces bio-based mineral concentrates of the three essential fertilizer minerals (potassium, phosphor and nitrogen). The technology significantly reduces nitrogen emissions, which consist mostly of ammonia, of agriculture and allows for circular precision farming. MEZT composes the optimal bio-based fertilizer for any crop, soil and season. They use bi-polar electrodialysis technology developed by TU Delft, which does not require chemical additives and produces green energy.

The Blue Tulip Award is handed out after completing a three-month program, during which 50 innovations compete in different rounds and eventually stand to win the main prize: a Blue Tulip Award. Co-founder and CEO Adriaan Lieftinck is pleased with the acknowledgement: “It is an expression of trust in our proposition, technology, and team. It’s also a recognition for our drive, making the world a better place towards circular farming and emission reduction.”

Do you want to learn more about MEZT and their innovation? Read the article on the TU Delft Campus website.