TU Delft spin-off Somnox developed a sleep robot and made first place in the 15th Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100. The independent jury, led by innovator Ruud Koornstra, announced this last friday. Every year, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (‘Kamer van Koophandel’) publishes this ranking with 100 concrete innovations in Dutch small and medium-sized businesses. The winner can call himself the most innovative SME in the country for a year.

With the help of the Somnox Sleep Robot, sleepless nights can come to an end. The subtle sounds and movements the robot makes, which simulate human breathing, make it easier to relax. Users not only fall asleep more peacefully, but also faster and deeper. The robot reduces stress and helps clear the mind. That helps to ensure a rested feeling during the day.

Beyond sleep medication

Thousands of people have already improved their sleep quality with the invention. Until now, those who suffered from insomnia could turn to sleep medication, but with the Somnox Sleep Robot a natural way of improving sleep is introduced. The innovation is patented: there is nothing comparable on the market yet. The jury was unanimous and thought it was a beautiful and well-designed product, appropriate for this time. “In this uncertain time, there is a lot of worrying at night,” said the jury.

King Willem Alexander

The announcement of the 15th Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100 took place online, in the presence of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Afterwards, the King spoke to a number of small and medium-sized businesses about innovation and entrepreneurship in times of crisis and the impact of the pandemic on their companies.

Successful innovations

The ranking gives a good picture of the innovative strength of SMEs at the moment. North Holland is strongly represented with 21 companies, followed by North Brabant with 17 and South Holland with 16 companies. After ICT (18 innovations), most innovations come from the food and agro sector (16) and the creative industry (15). All innovations have been assessed on impact for the industry and society, originality, availability, realized turnover and growth potential. There is no cash prize associated with the KVK Innovation Top 100.

Delft takes the price again

It is the second time in a row that a start-up from the Delft ecosystem has won the prize. Last year the prize was won by the Delft Physee.

Source: Kamer van Koophandel (Dutch Chamber of Commerce)