PHYSEE, the technology company developing coatings, solar and sensor technology,has received €4 million euros in growth capital for the first half of their Series A investment round. Their technology generates both energy and data, optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. Investors consider the sustainable contribution of PHYSEE in the energy transition in various sectors to be promising and necessary. The primary technology developed by PHYSEE, called SmartSkin, makes buildings up to30% more energy-efficient, and at the same time, significantly more comfortable for itsusers. The technology company is using this new capital to scale up their technology,after recently starting a sales partnership with two global glass manufacturers.

Since its founding in 2014, PHYSEE has developed three products: the SmartSkin facade, the PAR+ coating, and the POWER+ coating. Based on the ambition to make a more sustainable, comfortable, and healthy world with technology, PHYSEE focuses on areas where the impact of the energy transition is greatest. Ferdinand Grapperhaus jr., CEO and co-founder of PHYSEE: “We have been swimming against the tide for six years because we see that things can -and must be- done differently. However, we notice that many investors in the Netherlands often find disruptive and sustainable hardware innovations new and scary to invest in. This is why we are very grateful for the confidence instilled in us by our new shareholders. They take responsibility and are thus a driver for change. Together we are making the difference by scaling up this impactful technology.”

Reducing the global carbon footprint by 10% through energy-generating facades

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption. At the end of 2019, PHYSEE launched its SmartSkin technology: an innovative combination of sensors, solar cells, and battery system integrated into the window frames. This technology analyzes data, such as temperature, light, and air quality, using a self-learning algorithm that independently controls the building’s climate installations (such as sun blinds, lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning). This makes buildings up to 30% more efficient and contributes to increased comfort, happiness, and productivity in working environments. “We spend 90% of our time in buildings and for a more sustainable future, we need to develop and use them in an innovative way, both at home and in the office”, says Grapperhaus.

A new solution for the impending food shortage in 2050

Now that the world population is growing rapidly to about 9 billion people, by 2050 there will be twice as much food, with far less land to cultivate it. Over the past year, PHYSEE discovered a coating solution to make plants grow faster with the same amount of sunlight. The transparent PAR+ coating developed by PHYSEE converts UV light into PAR light, allowing crops to grow 7% faster. With the new investment, PHYSEE will use the coming year to test together with the University of Wageningen on how much faster crops (such as tomatoes) grow on the same amount of land.

Four million for accelerating development and upscaling

Companies all over the world are forced to change under pressure due to climate goals and users’ expectations. PHYSEE is responding to this energy transition by transforming buildings and greenhouses into energy-efficient eco-systems. In this investment round, PHYSEE acquired new capital from Timeless Investments, SHAPE Capital, DWI Grundbesitz, and the European Research Fund. In the coming months, PHYSEE will complete its full investment round. Daan van der Vorm, owner of SHAPE Capital and VORM Holding: “We have been involved with PHYSEE for a number of years and the speed at which they are able to tailor their innovation to the needs of the market is impressive and decisive for us. We like to invest in sustainable solutions that turn our sector upside down – the world can make good use of such players, especially now that the agricultural and real estate sectors have a great need for data-driven solutions. I am proud that we can contribute to this success as an investor and partner.” One of the new shareholders is the German project developer DWI Grundbesitz, who will support PHYSEE with the rollout of SmartSkin sales in Germany. Sales in other countries are expected to follow quickly through the right collaborations.