In mid-February 2020, the three-day Highlight festival takes place in Delft. Discover installations on the nexus of art and technology, spread over one route from around 19 unique locations throughout the centre of Delft and at the TU Delft Campus. We give you a glimpse of the future and we challenge you to join us to think about how creativity in technology contributes to creating a common future.

Be enchanted by the great kinetic life forms of Ana Oosting, who was inspired by plankton and mathematical formulas on the matter of paper. Find your way through tunnels from tensioned wires, made by the international designer collective Numen together with students, and balance in a game of space and residual space.

Within the categories Experience, Test and Think you can see work of at least fifteen artists. Highlight is committed to making connections between artists, scientists, (tech) companies and students and we’re proud to present these unique collaborations with innovative and experimental results.

Highlight Delft is a collaboration between TU Delft Campus and the Municipality of Delft. Combining the next-level innovation campus with the rich history of the city centre sets the perfect foundation for Highlight.

The festival takes you along beautiful historic places in Delft, laboratories on the TU Delft Campus and unique locations, a number of which are opening their doors especially for Highlight.

Experience the tension between installation and location and get at the nexus of art and technology.