The successful innovation programme SMITZH for digitisation of manufacturing companies in South Holland will be continued. SMITZ (Smart Manufacturing: Industriële Toepassing in Zuid-Holland) encourages the manufacturing industry to renew their production process by developing new applications in the field of automation, digitisation and robotisation.

This is largely done in the 7 regional smart industry field labs that work together within SMITZH. Three of these are located on the TU Delft Campus: RoboHouse, SAM|XL and Dutch Optics Center.

Smart manufacturing technology

The programme must ensure that the competitive position of companies and the innovative capacity of the region are strengthened. The aim is to involve many more small and medium-sized companies in the development of smart manufacturing technology in the coming years. For example, it is about ‘zero programming’: robots that do not have to be programmed, but which, based on CAD drawings of the product and sensors, ‘understand’ what they have to do.

Digital twin

Another example: the use of digital twins of your production line (digital twin) enable very quickly and with minimal cost adjustments to a product, or work instructions via screen, AR glasses or projector project so that complex tasks can be easily performed.

TU Delft

SMITZH phase 3, as the new programme is called, has a size of 12 million euros, of which the Province of South Holland contributes 5.2 million euros and TNO 1.5 million euros. SMITZH is an initiative of the Province of South Holland, InnovationQuarter, TNO and Metropoolregio Rotterdam en Den Haag. TU Delft is one of the partners.