TU Delft is the first university in the Netherlands to enter into a partnership with a.s.r. real estate’s ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, which was set up this year. The partnership focuses on the funding, development and use of real estate for companies and scale-ups that wish to set up an office on the TU Delft Campus. This will further strengthen the innovative ecosystem around TU Delft.

The first project under this partnership is the development of an office complex housing multiple companies.

The arrival of this complex is important for start-ups that are becoming too large for the YES!Delft business incubator. The logical scaling up of the activities is currently under pressure, because there is no suitable property available on the TU Delft Campus or elsewhere in the city of Delft. Companies prefer to invest their money in developing their product instead of new buildings. There is enough demand: research shows that by 2025, companies will need about 30,000 m2 of office and manufacturing space.

‘New office complex will become the epicentre of the southern part of the campus’

The partnership between the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund and TU Delft enables both parties to build a vibrant community on the campus. It is now possible to develop premises on the TU Delft Campus for different target groups. This reinforces the campus ecosystem, from which both the fund and the university benefit.