The TU Delft Impact Contest is an innovation competition for all students of TU Delft. During the competition, you will work in close collaboration with relevant organisations of different focus areas. With online and offline contact with the partner coaches, you will bring your idea, prototype or startup to the next level and have social impact. In June, the spectacular final event takes place. On this exciting day, the best teams are going to pitch their idea to a professional jury and have a chance of winning a significant amount of money.

Are you …

… Full of game-changing ideas?
… Working on an innovative thesis- or course assignment full?
… Looking for a traineeship, a job, or a company to carry out your final project?
… Interested in working with companies like ASML, TBI, Gemini, Fujifilm, and Yamaha?
… Always thinking of ways to expand your network?
… Interested in winning amazing money prizes to finance your idea, project or concept?

No idea?

You don’t have an idea of your own, but are you looking for a new challenge? No problem! You can subscribe for interesting business cases from our partners.

What can you win?

Besides valuable coaching and training, networking opportunities and becoming part of the coolest community on campus, there are different categories for which prizes will be awarded. Furthermore, an audience prize and prizes from our business partners can be won. Total prize money will be more than €20,000!

“The contest provides a lot of opportunities for students to learn much more about the industry, but also to learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a company.” – Victor Scholten, Director Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship

Are you in?

Do you want to be standing with a prototype, a business plan and a box full of business cards in your hands at the end of the contest? Apply now for this challenging and worthwhile experience and get help on your path to success:!

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