Two exciting spin-off companies from TU Delft recently opened their doors on TU Delft Campus: Flapper Drones and Villari.

Bio-inspired drones

Flapper Drones, founded by Matěj Karásek and Rick Ruijsink, develops bio-inspired drones for entertainment purposes such as drone shows. Flapper drones fly by flapping their wings, just like birds or insects. The drones are designed for performance, reliability, robustness, and emotions.

Detecting fatigue cracks

Founded by Olivier Baas and Hugo Romer, Villari developed a low-power, wireless sensor technology that detects and monitors small fatigue cracks. This technology works on any steel structures.

Delft Enterprises

Delft Enterprises participated in both companies. TU Delft Campus offers the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to thrive. Click here to learn more about the opportunities to innovate.