TU Delft Campus: you either work, co-create, study or live here. Yesterday, you shared your new
success story on the community platform. This morning, you had an inspiring conversation with a
fellow innovator in one of the shared facilities. And tonight you are looking forward to see new start-
ups pitch their ideas at the monthly networking meetup, as this is the hottest place when it comes to
spinning out technologies into great business ideas. These are some of the perks of being fully-
connected in the TU Delft Campus network.

A sense of community is what happens when we start sharing our ideas and find a common purpose.
But how to accomplish an environment where we can thrive, when we are situated in separate
buildings, sometimes far apart?

According to the interviews I’ve done as a Community Manager, there is a great need for connecting
knowledge and resources. The university campus as an online and physical space, with numerous
companies, impact tech frontrunners, thought leaders and students with a growth mind-set, could
serve as the ideal networked city that enables to meet others, thereby unlocking impact tech

The question is not whether but when to start. Let’s start now. I invite you to reach out and become
an ecosystem collaborator, after all we can only create a vibrant community if we all join forces. I’m
looking forward to meet you at TU Delft Campus!